Tuesday’s news links – June 22, 2021

Yaqui Water Protector Tomas Rojo Identified in Shallow Grave: Third Assassination Censored News

Tabloids Want Crime, Not Rent, on NYC Voters’ Minds FAIR

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Georgia Threatens To Purge 102K Voters Weeks Before Special Runoff Elections NewsOne

Amazon Workers Call for Strike on Prime Day in Germany Motherboard

Amazon Prime Day Is a Nightmare for Amazon Workers Jacobin

Why Are Billionaires Presumed Innocent? Daily Poster, David Sirota

It Took a Police Crackdown to Get Israeli-Operated Cargo Unloaded in Seattle Jacobin

Texans regret opting into power plan that remotely raises thermostat temps Ars Technica

Experts Have Been Warning for Months of an Unprecedented Stock Market Bubble Set to Explode Wall Street on Parade

Philly’s 2021 LGBTQ ‘Pride lite’ festival canceled as group disbands after backlash Inquirer

The group disbanding, is “definitely a win, for the community collectively,” said Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, a West Philadelphia-based writer, organizer, and cofounder of the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative, who for years has fought against racism in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood and worked to hold the Office of LGBT Affairs accountable to the concerns of many Black and brown members of the community.

Two Catholic churches burn to ground on First Nations land TheProvince

These 20 Harsh Facts About Income and Wealth Inequality Will Shock You Capital & Main

Protests against Bolsonaro Gain Strength and Mobilize around 750 Thousand People Internationalist 360°

If we want to fight the climate crisis, we must embrace nuclear power Bhaskar Sunkara

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