Saturday’s news links – June 19, 2021

Emancipation Day Celebration in Richmond, Virginia ca. 1905.

The Hidden History Of Juneteenth TPM

On June 19, 1865, U.S. Major General Gordon Granger, newly arrived with 1,800 men in Texas, ordered that “all slaves are free” in Texas and that there would be an “absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves.” …

But what did Granger’s proclamation mean? One oft-told myth has it that Texans simply did not know that slavery had ended. What Granger brought, in this telling, was good news. But if we listen to the words of someone like Felix Haywood, a slave in Texas during the Civil War, we see that this was not so. … If Haywood and other enslaved people knew about the Emancipation Proclamation, what exactly did the events of June 19, 1865 mean? …

Granger’s proclamation may not have brought news of emancipation but it did carry this crucial promise of force. Within weeks, fifty thousand U.S. troops flooded into the state in a late-arriving occupation. These soldiers were needed because planters would not give up on slavery.

Juneteenth Is More Than a Federal Holiday. We Need Reparations Now The Root

Some states are cutting off emergency food-assistance programs and making it harder to qualify Washington Post

The Covid Housing Crisis Is Crushing the Service Industry Eoin Higgins

A US oil company cut nearly 2,000 jobs – and reaped $2.1bn in pandemic benefits Guardian

Working-Class Pride in the Marine Cooks and Stewards Union UE

‘Woke up sweating’: Some Texans shocked to find their smart thermostats were raised remotely KHAI

Biden admin again flying migrants who cross border in one place to another place before expelling them NBC

Indigenous Peoples

10 Native American Children’s Bodies Exhumed In Cumberland County, PA

Biden’s silence on executions adds to death penalty disarray AP

U.S. Rig Count Jumps As Oil Prices Hold Above $70 Juilianne Geiger

Georgia Readies Voter Roll Purge Atlanta Journal-Constitution


NATO Confirms Direct Role in Mali War Internationalist 360°

Rob Wallace on the political economy of pandemics MR Online

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