Friday’s news links – June 18, 2021

Deona Marie Erickson

Minneapolis march honors murdered protester Deona Marie Erickson FightBack! News

Angela Davis, America’s Best-Known Black Radical, Joins the Country’s Most Radical Union Counterpunch

The incarcerated women battling wildfires High Country News

One Failed Bridge in Memphis Is Costing Business Millions WSJ

What’s at stake at the Teamsters’ convention Tempest

Let’s Talk About In the Heights and the Erasure of Dark-Skinned Afro-Latinx Folks Felice León, The Root

Where are the dark-skinned Black Latinx folks with a storyline? After all, this film is placed in Washington Heights, N.Y., right?!

Latinx Files: ‘In the Heights’ and the pitfalls of Latinx representation LA Times

Toni Morrison Hated ‘Hamilton’ So Much She Funded a Play About Lin-Manuel Miranda Newsweek


Germany Gave My Family Reparations. Palestinians Deserve the Same From Israel. Jane Hirschmann,

Biden’s Defense Budget Is a Big Win for Hypersonic Weapons Contractors Intercept


Argentine Port Unions Plan Strike Over Vaccine Access MarineLink


Socialism Has Not Failed China Xuan Tan, People’s Daily


Missouri Tourist Hotspot, Where Vaccination Rates Are Low, Seeing Outbreak Of COVID Variant KCUR

This map proves U.S. internet infrastructure is even worse than we thought Input

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