Wednesday’s news links – June 16, 2021

Explosions light-up the night sky above buildings in Gaza City as Israeli forces shell the Palestinian enclave, early on June 16, 2021. Photo: Al Jazeera


Israel launches air raids on Gaza Strip Al Jazeera

Striking parallels: US bombings of Vietnam and Israel’s aerial assault on Gaza Đồng Bảo Ngân Hà 

Israel’s assault on Gaza is a painful reminder of how the United States bombed my country to the Stone Age.

The thrilling Naftali Bennett Philip Weiss

Already you can feel that Bennett is being sanitized for an American audience. A political aide/Israel lobbyist on MSNBC says that Bennett has “evolved” since the days that he taunted a Palestinian politician, “when you were still swinging from trees, we had a Jewish state here.” And when he said, “I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life and there’s no problem with that.”

On NPR today, the host left out both those quotes when she referred to Bennett as a “gentleman.”

Rights groups decry Saudi execution of man accused of ‘rebellion’ Al Jazeera


Pentagon considers permanent naval task force to counter China in the Pacific South China Morning Post

600,000 Dead: US Leads World In COVID Deaths Despite Push For Vaccines IBT

Extreme heat in the West could break 200 records and produce temps up to 127 degrees NBC

Electric grid operator asks Texans to stop blasting AC as unplanned outages and heat collide CNN

The Truth About the California Water Crisis Counterpunch

Wall Street succumbs to inflation fears, awaits Fed AFP

Former FDA chief Hahn defends his jump to Flagship Pioneering, the firm behind Moderna Stat

The Amazon that customers don’t see: Inside a key warehouse during the pandemic Seattle Times

Some Hospitals Kept Suing Patients Over Medical Debt Through the Pandemic ProPublica

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