Monday’s news links – June 14, 2021

More than 2,000 food couriers snarled traffic in Times Square through pouring rain in protest April 21 demanding better working conditions. The mass demonstration was organized by Los Deliveristas Unidos, a loose network of immigrant gig workers that was born in the strife of the pandemic last year. Photo: Sammy Escalante

Los Deliveristas Speak: How Delivery Workers Are Organizing to Take On the Apps Labor Notes

First four states cut off federal unemployment benefits TheHill

Hiding The Union Busters Julia Rock

The American Bar Association and corporate interests are trying to block a rule that would expose their anti-labor activities.

1 Woman Is Dead, Others Injured In Minneapolis After A Driver Plows Into Protestors NPR

Justice May Be Served for Breonna Taylor Protester Struck by Louisville Police Officer Colorlines

Robert Meacham, Black slave turned Florida senator, may lie under parking lot in unmarked grave Washington Post

Former ACLU Employee Files Lawsuit After Being Fired For Calling Out Racism In The Organization Blavity

With Weeks Left In Office, Trump Administration Helped The Rich Avoids Hundreds Of Million In Taxes Labor411


Israel’s government: Same ax, new executioner Electronic Intifada


Evo Morales Denounces Coup Plan in Peru Orinoco Tribune


G7 ballyhoos challenge to China’s Belt and Road Asia Rimes

Taiwan looks for deeper partnerships after unprecedented G7 support SCMP


China denounces G7 after statement on Xinjiang and Hong Kong BBC

Biden more aggressive than Trump in deportations of Mexicans Prensa Latina

U.S. Led 2020 Nuclear Weapons Spending; Now Biden Going “Full Steam Ahead” on Trump’s Nuclear Plans Democracy Now

Joe Biden says if Israel didn’t exist, the US would have to invent one to protect US interests YouTube

Joe Biden says that Israel is the best 3 billion dollar investment the United States makes, and that if there were not an Israel, the US would have to invent a one to protect US interests in the region. Source (Senate Session, June 5, 1986)

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