Saturday’s news links – June 12, 2021

Explosion and fire at Monacillos, Puerto Rico, electrical substation causing massive outage.

Explosion knocks out power to more than 2 million people in Puerto Rico Daily Kos

‘The Truth Can’t Be Hidden’: Omar Hits Back at Dems Upset by Critique of US-Israel Atrocities Common Dreams

Alabama’s Coal Miners Are Striking for Their Lives Kim Kelly, The Nation

Amazon to maintain pace of warehouse work despite regulator’s citation Seattle Times

Judge halts debt relief program intended for farmers of color Washington Post

Consumer prices up 5.0%, the largest annual increase since 2008 Angry Bear


Peru Electoral Authorities Extend Deadline For Fujimori Fraud Claims Kawsachun News


U.S. Sanctions Block COVID-19 Vaccines For Venezuela Kawsachun News

US cannot take direct action under intl. law against Iranian ships in Atlantic, says Foreign Policy PressTV


Colombia: The Crisis That No One Talks About Anymore Resumen

Revealed: Secretive British anti-crime agency spent millions training Colombia’s repressive police Declassified UK


The bombing of Cubana Flight 455: Interview with filmmaker Enrique Berumen People’s World

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