Friday’s news links – June 11, 2021

Millions Face Eviction With CDC Moratorium Ending And Delays In Rent Assistance NPR

Union vote authorizes strike at Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls AP

Wage suppression — not stagnation — is costing workers $10 an hour TheHill

Medical Examiner’s Autopsy Of Andrew Brown Jr. Contradicts DA’s ‘False Narrative,’ Family Lawyers Say NewsOne

The newly released autopsy report from an official medical examiner in North Carolina not only contradicts the “false” police narrative surrounding the deadly shooting of a Black man last month but also supports claims from his family that he was “executed,” civil rights lawyers representing his family said Thursday.

The NYPD Is Still Stopping and Frisking Black People at Disproportionate Rates The Intercept

With Only 41% of U.S. Vaccinated, Biden Abandons Promised COVID Workplace Safety Regulations Payday Report

Steelmakers Keep Old Plants Idle Despite Surging Prices WSJ

On the trail of Thaddeus Stevens, Pennsylvania’s equal rights champion Washington Post

New York’s Metropolitan Museum returns art to Africa CNN


Ask Ethan: How Can You Be So Sure That COVID-19 Didn’t Happen From A Lab Leak?

The Wuhan Lab Leak Hypothesis Is A Conspiracy Theory, Not Science Starts With A Bang!


UN Human Rights Committee Calls for Suspension of Alex Saab’s Extradition Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Welcomes UN Decision on Alex Saab Orinoco Tribune

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Pery party won the second round of presidential elections held in Peru on June 6. Photo: José Cristobal / La Republica


Pedro Castillo wins presidential elections in Peru, Keiko Fujimori rejects the results Peoples Dispatch

It’s Official: With 100% of Ballots Processed Pedro Castillo is the New President of Perú—International Reactions Orinoco Tribune


It’s time to change liberal discourse about Hamas Electronic Intifada

Imperialism meets in Cornwall Michael Roberts

This weekend, the leaders of the ‘free world’ are flying (and helicoptering) into Cornwall, at the tiny end of England, for the first physical meeting of the G7 nations. As they increase the carbon footprint sharply through extensive fossil fuel activity, the G7 agenda will include dealing with climate change, global ‘action’ on the COVID pandemic and the state of the world economy.

Biden Seeks Allies For War On China MoA

Biden is in Europe to ask its leaders to support the U.S. in its efforts against China (and Russia).


It Gets Ugly: Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982. It’s “Permanent” not “Temporary,” Won’t Bounce Back Wolf Street

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