Thursday’s news links – June 10, 2021

Keystone XL Pipeline is Dead! Native News Online

Protesters marching in Elizabeth City, N.C., over Andrew Brown’s killing are walking in the footsteps of centuries of fighters for Black rights The Conversation

NYC Deliveristas Rally for Better Pay and Right to Use Toilets Labor Press

The Bronx Was Hit Hardest Economically By COVID Pandemic, New Report Says Gothamist

2020 election to cost $14 billion, blowing away spending records OpenSecrets

Low-wage earners could not afford to comply with stay-at-home orders during lockdown News-Medical.Net

Facial recognition meant to stop unemployment fraud is blocking legitimate applicants

700,000 Puerto Ricans are excluded from SSI benefits MSNBC

Centuries of discrimination still run deep for Roma in Europe Euronews


‘Apartheid’: Namibia’s Herero, Nama Leaders Denounce German Genocide Settlement Made Without Them Sputnik


China Is Our No. 1 Priority. Start Acting Like It, Austin Tells Pentagon Defense One

Task force says the military Biden inherited from Trump had a “say-do gap” in the resources directed at China.

Professional military education is getting a China-focused upgrade Military Times

China is vaccinating a staggering 20 million people a day Nature


Two Former Israeli Ambassadors to South Africa Join Tsunami of ‘Apartheid’ Accusations Against Israel Philip Weiss

U.S. warns Venezuela, Cuba to turn away Iranian ships believed to be carrying arms Politico

Fisher-Price ignored warnings for sleeper dozens of infants died in, congressional report says NBC


Who speaks for the mainstream in France? openDemocracy

The military’s ‘civil war’ letters on behalf of the ‘silent majority’ marks a shift to the Right

French soldiers to face military court over letter warning of ‘civil war’ Guardian

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