Tuesday’s news links – June 8, 2021

Breaking: Global web outage as world’s biggest websites crash including Amazon, UK govt and Reddit City A.M.

Biogen CEO says $56,000 annually for Alzheimer’s drug is ‘fair,’ promises not to hike price for at least 4 years CNBC

Biden Capitulates: Cuts Corp Taxes & Cuts Infrastructure Spending Jack Rasmus, Counterpunch

Washington Post Publisher Says Biden DOJ ‘Intensified’ Trump-Era Attacks on Press Freedom Common Dreams

Chief Leonard Crow Dog Remembered by Leonard Peltier and Others Native News Online


Israeli ships not welcome at North American ports Peoples Dispatch

How the Irish trade union movement is building solidarity with Palestine Counterfire


Pedro Castillo Calls On Supporters to Defend Vote Kawsachun News

Keiko Fujimori Claims Fraud as Castillo Widens Lead Kawsachun News


New Report by Corporate-Funded Think-Tank Reveals How Profit-Driven Motives Drive New Cold War against China Internationalist 360º

Debunking Nicholas Wade’s Origin of COVID Conspiracy Theory Medika

The Antiscience Movement Is Escalating, Going Global and Killing Thousands Scientific American

The Agony of Accessing Verizon Ralph Nader

Climate crisis to shrink G7 economies twice as much as Covid-19, says research Guardian

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