Tuesday’s news links – June 1, 2021


Biden shows little desire to reverse Trump’s Cuba policies TheHill

US: Another $20 Million Requested for Subversive Cuba Programs teleSUR


‘Mowing the Grass’ No More: How Palestinian Resistance Altered the Equation Common Dreams

‘No longer afraid’: Palestinians vow to fight Jerusalem evictions Al Jazeera

Facebook’s popularity plummets as users suspect censorship during Israel-Hamas conflict NBC

Brazil’s Experiment to Vaccinate Town With Chinese CoronaVac Reduced Covid-19 Deaths by 95% WSJ

The Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory Is a Tale of Weaponized Uncertainty Wired


For decades, no one spoke of Taiwan’s hidden massacre. A new generation is breaking the silence. Washington Post

Anti-China Trade Bill Is Big Boost for Big Tech Intercept

US is chasing China’s tail on 5G Asia Times

Belarusian President Latest to Warn of World War Starting in Europe Internationalist 360º

US Actively Prepares for War with Russia Internationalist 360º

Ryanair Bomb Threat In Belarus – ‘Western’ Media Narrative Disagrees With The Facts MoA

General Motors, Best Buy, PayPal Talk Up Voting Rights, Then Fund Effort to Restrict Them Newsweek

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