Tuesday’s news links – May 25, 2021

A rally at the Massachusetts Statehouse in March 2021 called on legislators to do more to prevent evictions related to the pandemic.

Despite federal moratorium, eviction rates returning to pre-pandemic levels The Conversation

Worker shortage in restaurants and bars: waiters say the industry’s low pay, lack of benefits, and poor working conditions to blame Washington Post


Israel Arrests and Prosecutes Hundreds of Palestinians Orinoco Tribune

San Francisco educators endorse BDS Tempest

Haitians protest their president in English as well as Creole, indicting US for its role in country’s political crisis The Conversation

Over 800 Algerians detained for questioning in 118th week of Hirak protests Peoples Dispatch

Angelo Giuliano & Brian Berletic: The US Hijacking of Myanmar on YouTube

Quincy Jones Reveals Why He Never Worked With Elvis Presley: ‘He Was A Racist Mother—’ Blavity

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