Monday’s news links – May 24, 2021

Group rallies in Baltimore over issues with unemployment benefits WBAL

White House budget plan set to leave out some health care proposals from campaign Washington Post


Israel, Palestine Conflict Escalates: Defense Stocks to Gain Yahoo! Finance

American Arms Makers Are Making a Killing Off of Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza MPN

South African dockworkers to boycott Israeli ships until total liberation of Palestinian people: Union Peoples Dispatch

How an Israeli attack in Gaza led to the firing of an AP reporter Responsible Statecraft

My statement on my termination from The Associated Press Emily Wilder

Journalists and liberal Zionists are determined to push ‘apartheid’ charge down the memory hole Mondoweiss

Our History of Popular Resistance: Palestine Reading List

Tibet Since 1951: Liberation, Development and Prosperity Global Times

Yuan Longping, Plant Scientist Who Helped Curb Famine, Dies at 90 NYTimes

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