Friday’s news links – May 21, 2021



Netanyahu thanked ‘my friend’ Joe Biden for his support during Israel’s offensive in Gaza, and threatened to attack again if Hamas did Business Insider

The Palestinian National Resistance has won yet again! Israel faces both a military & political defeat Countercurrents

Palestinian Youth Are Leading a Popular Uprising to End Israeli Apartheid Truthout

Israel-Palestine: A new generation says ‘enough is enough’ Azzam Tamimi

This is not the first war between Gaza and the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. It is the fourth major confrontation in less than 13 years – but this one is different.

Firstly, it was Hamas that initiated the battle in retaliation for Israel’s desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque and the attempt to forcibly remove Palestinian families from their homes in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, to be replaced by Jewish settlers.

Secondly, the confrontation coincided with an unprecedented show of unity and solidarity across the occupied West Bank, ’48 Palestine and the diaspora. All were brought together by flagrant Israeli provocations over what Muslims around the world consider to be their third-holiest place of worship on earth.

Palestinians stage historic strike over Israeli abuses and Gaza bombing Middle East Eye

“Today we are Nazis,” says member of Israeli Jewish extremist group Electronic Intifada

As a doctor in Gaza, these have been the most difficult days of my life Jamil Suleiman

“He Dedicated His Whole Life to His Patients” – Israel Kills Gaza Doctor and His Entire Family MPN

Abby Martin debunking Israel’s ‘Human Shield’ Defense in Gaza Massacre

The best books on Zionism and Anti-Zionism recommended by Gabriel Piterberg

Israeli historian Gabriel Piterberg tells us about works of scholarship that have challenged the Zionist Israeli narrative of modern history.

After Strike, Workers Resoundingly Reject Contract at Volvo’s Virginia Truck Plant Labor Notes

Video shows officer saying ‘you shouldn’t be able to breathe’ moments before jailed man’s death TheHill

Texas Pushes to Obscure the State’s History of Slavery and Racism NYTimes

One state bill seeks to block the Alamo complex in San Antonio from explaining that major figures in the Texas Revolution were slave traders.

1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones loses UNC tenure offer amid backlash over her ‘un-factual and biased’ work Daily Mail

How corporations buy—and sell—food made with prison labor The Counter


Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, driving up Iranian inequality in sadistic sanctions manual Grayzone

Lithium, Cobalt, and Rare Earths Michael Klare

Multidrug-resistant bacteria is significantly less common in organic meat, new study finds The Counter

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