Wednesday’s news links – May 19, 2021


Tlaib Confronts Biden Over ‘Unconditional Support’ for Israel Amid Gaza Atrocities Common Dreams

Palestinians go on strike in Israel as bombardment continues to pound Gaza Independent

Israel-Palestine: US blocks UN statement for third time in a week Al Jazeerah

Gaza in the dark after Israel bombs power lines Electronic Intifada

The Entire US Tax Code Is Implicated in the Forced Displacement of Palestinians Truthout

WATCH: Top Midfielder, Paul Pogba Raises Palestinian Flag at End of Manchester United Game Palestine Chronicle

WATCH | ‘Sure Seems Like a War Crime’: John Oliver Blasts ‘Both-siding’ Israel-Gaza War Haaretz

Israel/Palestine Coverage Presents False Equivalency Between Occupied and Occupier FAIR

Palestine On Strike – Solidarity statement on events in Palestine Medact

US-Supplied Planes and Bombs are Slaughtering Palestinian Children in Gaza Dave LIndorff

How to Stop Apartheid Israel Ronnie Kasrils

South Africans, along with international humanity, raise the battle cry Mayihlome in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s just resistance—our anger rises for the battle. There can be no neutrality in the fight for freedom and justice.

‘Conspiracy is hard’: Inside the Trump administration’s secret plan to kill Qassem Soleimani


FARC-EP Second Marquetalia Confirms the Assassination of Commander Jesús Santrich in an Ambush by the Colombian Army Internationalist 360°


Communists score major victory in Chilean constitutional convention elections Morning Star

Audubon Society Refuses to Recognize Its Staff Union, But Employees Say Victory Is Near In These Times

How green is Denver if you’re Black? These residents are about to find out Guardian

A ‘Community for All’? Not So Fast, This Wisconsin County Says. NYTimes

Sergei Eisenstein and the Haitian Revolution JSTOR Daily

The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They’d Get Paid Correctly Jalopnik

Boeing rehires aircraft inspectors Leeham News and Analysis

How corporations buy—and sell—food made with prison labor The Counter

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