Tuesday’s news links – May 18, 2021

Gaza City, May 17. Hit by U.S. missiles.


Biden administration approves $735 million weapons sale to Israel Washington Post

Gaza in the dark after Israel bombs power lines Electronic Intifada

25,000 in Chicago march to condemn Israel Fight Back! News

Israel thanks Biden administration for blocking UN statement calling for ceasefire Countercurrents

The International Indian Treaty Council Calls on Israel to Support the Rights of the Palestinian People 

How the United States Helps To Kill Palestinians Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies

Service Workers Aren’t Returning to Work Because They Don’t Get Paid Enough Teen Vogue

U.S. Adults Financially Worse Off in 2020, Checks Buffered Blows Bloomberg

One of America’s largest hospital chains, Community Health Systems, has been suing patients during the pandemic CNN

Long working hours are killing 745,000 people a year, research finds CNBC

California Nurses’ Association pressuring the state to reject CDC’s mask guidance ABC30

Exclusive: Inside the Military’s Secret Undercover Army Newsweek

Steven Mnuchin’s Park Avenue Pad Leads Manhattan Contracts

North Carolina judge John M. Tyson faces charges for trying to hit BLM protesters Washington Post

Wrongfully convicted brothers Henry McCollum and Leon Brown awarded $75 million by North Carolina jury Washington Post

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