Saturday’s news links – May 15, 2021

Kroger Reveals That It Paid CEO $22.4 Million Shortly After He Cut Workers’ Hazard Pay Labor411

Study: ‘Intentional policy decisions’ have led to the average U.S. worker earning $10 less an hour than he or she should Labor411

The Republican theory of unemployment is classic Marx The Week

Instead of calling for better wages, or setting up child care systems, or anything else, Republicans are trying to fix the problem by starving out people on unemployment — taking their money so they will have no choice but to immediately look for work, and capitalists will once again have the industrial reserve army at their beck and call. It’s like conservatives have been reading Marx not to learn why they should overthrow the bourgeoisie, but as a sort of manual for how best to exploit the working class.

Amazon Had Key to USPS Mailbox Used for Union Vote, Witness Says Bloomberg

Andrew Brown Jr.’s Lawyers Say New Video Shows Deadly Shooting Was An ‘Ambush’ Tasnim News Agency

Jail Phone Records Reveal Ahmaud Arbery’s Accused Murderer Suggested Killing Him Was A ‘Good Deed’ NewsOne

Hundreds march in West Philadelphia to remember lives lost in 1985 MOVE bombing WHYY

Philly Medical Examiner’s Office found remains of MOVE bombing victims in cardboard box before cremation WHYY

Krystal Ball: Elitist NY Mayoral Candidates Have NO CLUE How Expensive Housing Is In Brooklyn YouTube


The 60-Year-Old Scientific Screwup That Helped Covid Kill” Wired

Revealed: Big Pharma’s Plot to Derail US Covid-19 Vaccine Waiver Common Dreams

Pandemic untamed in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Asia Times


The Nakba never ended. Victory to the Intifada rs21

Today marks the 73rd ‘Nakba Day’. However, rather than being a historical event which we commemorate, we must understand the Nakba as an ongoing catastrophe fuelled by Western imperialism, which Palestinians continue to resist.

100+ Groups Condemn Israeli Violence in East Jerusalem and Gaza Common Dreams

The untold story of Sheikh Jarrah Middle East Eye

Settlement Push in East Jerusalem Neighborhood Shows Israeli “Apartheid” Intercept

Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow Eva Bartlett

Israeli Barbarism in Gaza Yanis Iqbal 

The Western media is portraying the ongoing events in Gaza as an instance of “war”. This is patently false. Gaza is under occupation, and has been since 1967. An occupied land is not at war, can never be at war. It is occupied. Occupation is a state of war. The occupied space seeks its freedom, it fights back. It is punished. This is what is happening today. Palestinians and Israelis are not equivalent actors; one is occupied and the other is the occupier.

10,000 march in Chicago: Hands off Jerusalem Fight Back! News

British Paratroopers shot dead 10 ‘entirely innocent’ people at 1971 ‘Ballymurphy massacre’, coroner rules

Microsoft Data Shows That The FCC’s Broadband Maps Are Fantasy TechDirt

This is a map of America’s broadband problem The Verge

If broadband access was a problem before 2020, the pandemic turned it into a crisis. As everyday businesses moved online, city council meetings or court proceedings became near-inaccessible to anyone whose connection couldn’t support a Zoom call. Some school districts started providing Wi-Fi hotspots to students without a reliable home connection. In other districts, kids set up in McDonald’s parking lots just to get a reliable enough signal to do their homework. After years of slowly widening, the broadband gap became impossible to ignore.

Some notes on the world economy now Michael Roberts

Big Oil Is Trying to Make Climate Change Your Problem to Solve Rolling Stone

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