Saturday’s news links – May 8, 2021


Following Heart Surgery, Mumia Looks Great! Noelle Hanrahan Reports on Her Contact Visit Today Jamal Journal

Richard Wright’s Novel About Racist Police Violence Was Rejected in 1941; It Has Just Been Published Democracy Now

Justice For George Floyd: 4 Ex-Cops Involved In His Death Indicted On Civil Rights Charges NewsOne

South Carolina becomes the second state to cancel federal unemployment benefits Yahoo! Money

Sean Ellis, wrongly convicted of murder in 1993, is finally fully exonerated Guardian

Trump signed off on last-minute Medicaid changes. Now Biden faces the legal challenges NBC

A Top Biden Cybersecurity Aide Donated Over $500,000 to AIPAC as an NSA Official Mother Jones


How the U.S. locked up vaccine materials other nations urgently need Reuters

Sinopharm: Chinese Covid vaccine gets WHO emergency approval BBC

Why Did It Take So Long to Accept the Facts About Covid? NYTimes

CDC website now emphasizes coronavirus spreads in the air CNN

Think we missed this from Thurs: New Study Estimates More Than 900,000 People Have Died Of COVID-19 In U.S. NPR

Former Infantryman Is Convicted of Threatening Right-Wing Protesters NYTimes


Secretary Blinken Faces a Big Test in Ukraine, Where Nazis and Their Sympathizers Are Glorified The Nation


25 people killed in the second deadliest police operation in Rio de Janeiro’s history Peoples Dispatch


Anti-China alliance coalescing in South China Sea Asia Times

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