Wednesday’s news links – May 5, 2021

How companies rip off poor employees — and get away with it AP

Most Of New York City Remains Undervaccinated As COVID Restrictions Lift Gothamist

‘Your mouth becomes a minefield’: the Americans who can’t afford the dentist Guardian

Boston Police Union Continues Practice Of Attacking Black Women City Officials NewsOne

RIP Mikayla Miller: Black LGBTQ Teen Was Reportedly ‘Lynched’ In Boston Suburb NewsOne

Amazon paid zero corporation tax in Europe last year as income soared Canary

Racehorse Named After Breonna Taylor By Her Family’s Attorney Wins Derby Week Race Blavity


How the Communists won Kerala again Peoples Dispatch


Between the Lines: Congressional Report Finds US Sanctions to Blame for Venezuela Crisis MPN

Venezuela to begin clinical trials of Cuba’s vaccine candidate Al Jazeera


Iran Declares U.S. Sanctions at ‘Brink of Termination’ as Biden Admin Says ‘No Deal’ Yet Newsweek


Anger mounts as death toll from Mexico metro overpass collapse rises to 24 Guardian


How CBS’s Norah O’Donnell tried to out-hawk Antony Blinken on China Responsible Statecraft

The Ever Given and the Monstrosity of Maritime Capitalism Boston Review

Two timely new books unmask the colossal shipping industry behind global trade, whose monstrous pursuit of profit has long wreaked havoc on laborers and the seas they sail through.

Fred Hampton’s killing: FBI pressured to answer for domestic-surveillance program COINTELPRO Washington Post

Turns Out There Was Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania After a Man Voted for Donald Trump in His Dead Mother’s Name The Root


Pesticides Threaten the ‘Foundations of the Web of Life,’ New Soil Study Warns EcoWatch

Repairing the Soil Carbon Rift Monthly Review

Ask The Onion: How To Retire Comfortably

To ensure a secure and comfortable retirement, saving should begin at least five generations before you’re born.

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