Friday’s news links – April 30, 2021

300,000 Deported in Biden’s First 100 Days Consortium News

Biden Erased Decades of Historic Crimes in His Speech to Congress Siraj Hashmi

Their Lives on the Line Alice Driver

The meatpacking industry lobbied Trump to declare its workers “essential,” to keep up production in the pandemic. Unless they got sick—then they were expendable.

Deadly air pollutant ‘disproportionately and systematically’ harms Americans of color, study finds Washington Post

As Marathon Refinery lockout nears 100-day mark, a worker describes extreme danger to community FightBack! News

‘A Dream Come True’: Nurses at Maine’s Largest Hospital Vote to Unionize Common Dreams

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia Tended ‘Forest Gardens’ Smithsonian

America Hasn’t Reckoned with the Coup That Blasted the Black Middle Class INET


‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe Guardian


The ‘NY Times’ article on Human Rights Watch ‘apartheid’ report is largely an attack on the finding Mondoweiss

Normally, the New York Times trusts Human Rights Watch. But not this time — after the group found that ‘Israeli officials have committed the crime of apartheid.’


Cuban President Closes Party Congress, Delivers Important Speech Counterpunch

West Africa is the Latest Testing Ground for US Military Artificial Intelligence MPN

Hundreds report abnormal menstruation after being teargassed during Portland protests The Guardian

Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic Scientific American

Euro-Area Economy Slips Into Double-Dip Recession: GDP Update Bloomberg

Everything Is Illuminated Badly Fluorescents were terrible. But LEDs can drive you insane. New York Magazine

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