Thursday’s news links – April 29, 2021

Elizabeth City, N.C.

Body-camera footage of N.C. deputies fatally shooting Black man will not be released to the public, judge rules Washington Post

Video shows Chicago police killing Anthony Alvarez as he runs away: ‘Why are you shooting me?’ Washington Post

Outrage grows as new video shows Latino man dying after Bay Area police pin him for 4 minutes LA Times

‘We are not subjects of study!’ Protesters march on Penn Museum to decry handling of MOVE remains WHYY

MOVE members say Penn Museum, officials ‘defiled’ remains of children in 1985 bombing Philadelphia Tribune

Penn Museum pledges to return remains of MOVE member to the Africa family, demonstrators visit residence of Penn President Amy Gutmann Philadelphia Inquirer

Protestors demand: Free Mumia before he dies! Final Call

Nearly 1,000 people died in police incidents between George Floyd’s killing and Derek Chauvin’s conviction The Independent


Two weeks’ paid sick leave at Walmart could have prevented 7,500 Covid cases, report finds Guardian

Teamsters Strike to Win Contract at City’s Biggest Fuel Company; Three Are Fired Labor Press

Voter Suppression and the Amazon “NO” Vote Fighting Words

French Renault workers take managers captive in bid to stop factory sale Guardian

Why Aren’t We Wearing Better Masks? Zeynep Tufekci and Jeremy Howard

Cloth masks are better than nothing, but they were supposed to be a stopgap measure.


Biden to Xi: US Will Maintain Strong Military Presence in Indo-Pacific

U.S. Warship Shadows China’s Aircraft Carrier On Journey Home Newsweek


US navy admits it fired on Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf Peoples Dispatch

Nomadland: The Oscar front-runner’s flaws run deeper than its portrayal of Amazon. Slate

Elie Wiesel’s Israeli propaganda and the myth of Soviet genocide against the Jews Yasha Levine

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