Monday’s news links – April 26, 2021

CEO of vaccine maker sold $10 million in stock before company ruined Johnson & Johnson doses Washington Post

Minnesota gasps at the financial damage it faces from the Texas freeze Washington Post

How Banks Profited Off The Pandemic David Sirota, The Daily Poster


Protests in Lebanon and Jordan in solidarity with Jerusalem Uprising Quds News Network

Southern Command Goes to War Internationalist 360°


“Century of Humiliation”: China Hasn’t Forgotten the Opium Wars Sebastien Roblin

Australian defense minister says war over Taiwan involving China ‘should not be discounted’ Guardian

Air pollution: Asia’s deadliest public health crisis isn’t COVID Nikkei Asian Review


Boris Johnson: ‘Let the bodies pile high in their thousands’. PM’s incendiary remark during fight over lockdowns is latest claim in No10 drama – amid spectacular row with Cummings Daily Mail

Post-Keynesianism: the principles Michael Roberts

On my blog I have spent much ink explaining where Marxist economics differs from Keynesian economics in all its strands. For me, a Marxist approach to theory and policy better explains the nature of capitalism and what are the right policies for the labour movement to adopt in its struggle against capital and for a better society for all. Indeed, I think that Keynesian economics is a diversion from achieving that, mainly because its analysis of capitalism is wrong. Moreover, its policy conclusion is that capitalism can be fixed or managed to work for all with a few clever policy adjustments.

Post-Keynesian theory, because it appears much more radical (in that it reckons capitalism cannot be easily managed to benefit all) and because many of its exponents would consider themselves socialists (even Marxists), is in these ways even more misleading as it relies on a radical view of Keynesianism, and yet Keynes was hardly the radical that PK followers think he was.

Mark Bittman’s warning: the true costs of our cheap food and the American diet Guardian

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