Saturday’s news links – April 24, 2021

Palestinians in Gaza take to the streets in solidarity with the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem. Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud, The Palestine Chronicle


Jerusalem Uprising Rages after Israeli Far-Right March

The Jerusalem uprising, as it has been dubbed (in Arabic intifada al-Quds), raged last night in occupied Jerusalem for the 11th night in a row in protest against Israeli police and settlers’ provocations and assaults on the city’s Palestinian residents, and expanded to reach the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israeli police violence in Jerusalem for a second night The New Arab

Israel lobby’s “Death to the Arabs” damage control Electronic Intifada

Over the last few days, disturbing videos have shown mobs of Israeli Jewish youths rampaging through occupied East Jerusalem and attacking Palestinians. “Every evening this week, dozens of young Jews walked around Jerusalem’s city center, chanting ‘Death to Arabs’ and attacking passersby with stones and tear gas,” Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported on Wednesday

Israel criticized for silencing call to prayer from Al-Aqsa Mosque Religion News Service

Spirited SF Protest at KQED/NPR for Showing “Philly DA” That Censors Mumia…..Again

Mass Protests Led to Chauvin’s Conviction. Now They’re Being Criminalized. Truthout

David Fowler’s cases in Maryland to be reviewed after he testified for Derek Chauvin Washington Post

F-15 Strike Eagle was ‘put on alert to swoop low in full afterburner and terrify citizens protesting George Floyd, presidential election and Covid by California Air National Guard’ Daily Mail

Family Of Andrew Brown Jr. Demands Release Of Bodycam Video As Demonstrators Take To The Streets NewsOne

Oklahoma Governor Signs Law Granting Immunity for Drivers Who Kill Protesters Truthout

Black Cyclists Detained By Orlando Police, Forced To Crawl On Their Hands And Knees In Appalling Video Blavity

U.S. Marshals Used Drones to Spy on Black Lives Matter Protests in Washington, D.C. Intercept

Bones of Black children killed in police bombing used in Ivy League anthropology course Guardian

Remains of those killed in 1985 Move bombing in Philadelphia serve as ‘case study’ in Princeton-backed course

The bones of Black children who died in 1985 after their home was bombed by Philadelphia police in a confrontation with the Black liberation group which was raising them are being used as a “case study” in an online forensic anthropology course presented by an Ivy League professor.

It has emerged that the physical remains of one, or possibly two, of the children who were killed in the aerial bombing of the Move organization in May 1985 have been guarded over the past 36 years in the anthropological collections of the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton.

The Black Panther Party Has Never Been More Popular. But Actual Black Panthers Have Been Forgotten. TNR

Innocent man billed $4,000 for jail stay Boing Boing


“Americans First”: US Defends Export Ban On Covid Vaccine Raw Materials To India NDTV

Pharmaceutical Industry Dispatches Army of Lobbyists to Block Generic Covid-19 Vaccines Intercept

The Pandemic Has Shown Pfizer Is Obsessed With Profits—Not Saving Lives Common Dreams

The Media War Against Cuban Vaccines Internationalist 360°

Indigenous Peoples

Tribes Want Medals Awarded for Wounded Knee Massacre Rescinded NYTimes


It’s all too easy for employers to interfere in union elections Washington Post

The New York Times Won’t Voluntarily Recognize 650 Member Tech Workers Union Labor411


How war is making water a scarce resource in eastern Ukraine Euronews

Earth Day

Evo Morales’ Earth Day Message


Tanks and Think Tanks: How Taiwanese Cash is Funding the Push to War with ChinaMPN

The Stock Market Is Just One Hedge Fund Blowup Away from a Crash. Here’s the Ugly Math. Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Over $200 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in a day as bitcoin plunges below $50,000 CNBC

CR Engineers Show a Tesla Will Drive With No One in the Driver’s Seat Consumer Reports

Money Market Funds Melted in Pandemic Panic. Now They’re Under Scrutiny. NYTimes

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