Friday’s news links – April 23, 2021

A World Where George Floyd And Ma’Khia Bryant Would Still Be Here Is A World Without Police NewsOne

Chauvin verdicts reduce pressure for police reform Axios

How to record police with your smartphone Washington Post

South Dakota high school rodeo club cancels annual ‘slave auction’ fundraiser Washington Post


Struggling Food Delivery Workers’ Secret Weapon: Support From a Powerful Union The City

Crew Of ‘Ever Given’ Could Be Stuck On The Big Boat For Years Jalopnik

Big Pharma

Contractor that ruined 15M doses of J&J vaccine hiked price of another by 800% ars technica

Supreme Court Ditches ‘Permanent Incorrigibility’ to Simplify Sentencing of Minors to Life in Prison Sputnik


US Sanctions Against Venezuela Violate the Human Rights They Claim to Protect, says UN Special Rapporteur on Sanctions Orinoco Tribune

Tesla’s Autopilot ‘tricked’ to operate without driver BBC

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