Thursday’s news links – April 22, 2021


Math Is Hard—but Vital for Understanding Vaccine Risks FAIR

India sets a global record for daily infections. NYTimes

India’s rapidly worsening coronavirus outbreak is now expanding on a scale beyond any previously measured in more than a year of the pandemic: The health ministry reported 312,731 new infections on Thursday, the most recorded in any country on a single day.

Non-stop cremations cast doubt on India’s counting of COVID dead Reuters

G.O.P. Bills Target Protesters (and Absolve Motorists Who Hit Them) NYTimes

This Is Not Justice. It’s Self-Preservation. New York Magazine

The three-week criminal trial of Derek Chauvin ended on Tuesday with three guilty verdicts, forestalling mass protests of the sort Minnesota officials had spent weeks anticipating and deploying armed agents to suppress. More than a legal referendum on Chauvin’s conduct, the trial was a bilateral effort to defend the virtues of policing. The dishonesty this required from both prosecutors and the defense — and the workaday violence it obscured — should leave no doubt that justice for people like George Floyd has nothing to do with the rare officer an unjust institution chooses to rebuke.

You Should Go Back and Watch the Chauvin Trial Farhad Manjoo

The guilty verdict notwithstanding, the case demonstrated the wide latitude police officers are given to kill people.

Daunte and the Debt Collectors: How the Cops Became Robbers The Root

Remains of children killed in MOVE bombing sat in a box at Penn Museum for decades Billy Penn

America’s Interstate Slave Trade Once Trafficked Nearly 30,000 People a Year—And Reshaped the Country’s Economy Time

Lofgren: Capitol Police official being investigated for directions to pursue only ‘anti-Trump’ protesters Jan. 6 Politico

Inexplicably, the USPS is running social media surveillance Input

Football: a people’s sport? Michael Roberts

The collapse of the attempt to form a ‘super league’ of top European soccer teams by the billionaire owners of the big clubs is only an interrupted chapter in the story of the commodification of sport into profitable capitalist enterprises, owned and controlled by capital. It is no accident that JP Morgan was the fund manager for the Super League plan – as the bank epitomizes the role of global capital in controlling modern sport. And it is no accident that the main drivers for the new league were the owners of Real Madrid, a football club controlled in the past by the corrupt Spanish monarchy and Francoism, the fascist wing of Spanish capital.

Ramsey Clark Described His Government As Humanity’s Ever More Threatening and Treacherous Enemy Countercurrents

Mark Bittman’s Beef With Capitalism TNR

On junk food, cash crops, Oatly, and how to fix what’s broken in our food system

Linux bans University of Minnesota for committing malicious code Bleeping Computer

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