Tuesday’s news links – April 20, 2021

Minnesota students walk out of class to protest racial injustice Star Tribune

Three Thousand National Guard Troops Flood Minneapolis as Protests Against Police Murders Continue

Attacks on Asian Women Are Fueled by Criminalization, War and Economic Injustice Truthout

Union Says Amazon Violated Labor Law in the Alabama Election Wired

Philadelphia police asked federal drug agents to ‘infiltrate’ protests last June, emails show. Inquirer


Global Covid Cases Soar to ‘Absolutely Staggering’ Weekly Record Amid Vaccine Apartheid Common Dreams

COVID Profiteering Exposes the Need to Make Marxism Accessible to All Truthout


Haitian teachers embark on a national strike in rejection of insecurity and violence Peoples Dispatch


‘Forced labor’ label belongs to U.S.: Chinese FM spokesperson ECNS

Xinjiang Native Speaks Out: “Western Media Jeopardizing Uyghurs Interests” MPN

Pentagon Adds Africa to Global Battleground with China and Russia Internationalist 360°

The Real Miss Universe Contest: First Female Astronauts in Space From All Over the World

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