Monday’s news links – April 19, 2021

Minn. Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan Tweets Minnesota is “A Place Where It is Not Safe to be Black”

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan (D), a tribal citizen of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, tweeted on Sunday afternoon that Minnesota is “a place where it is not safe to be Black.”

Minnesota Governor Calls Alleged Assaults on Journalists ‘Chilling’ NYTimes

Derek Chauvin, George Floyd and the Long History of Police Killings NYTimes

Federal officers open fire on demonstrators with ‘less-lethal’ weapons on July 16 at Portland Federal Courthouse

Records Reveal New Details About Rush Of Federal Deputations For Controversial Operation Legend Program American Oversight

The American Oversight report explains that the federal deputation of officers was used to bring “increased federal charges against defendants” and that USMS task forces “often operate without the same oversight measures that may generally be required by local jurisdictions.” As was the case in the killing of Michael Reinoehl on September 3 in Lacey, Washington, agents from the FBI and USMS Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force were mobilized by the Trump administration to execute the Portland protester in a hail of gunshots.

U.S. Marshals Act Like Local Police With More Violence And Less Accountability The Marshall Project

Cops Tackled a Grandma With Dementia Picking Flowers, Bodycam Footage Shows Vice

A Demonstrator’s Guide To Understanding Riot Munitions


The Shock and Reality of Catching Covid After Being Vaccinated Kaiser Health News

Divisive’: How Corporate Media Dismiss Ideas Unpopular With Elites FAIR

Democrat Opposed to the PRO Act Was Showered With Cash From Amazon Executives Truthout


Raul Castro Steps Down As a New Generation Emerges to Carry the Cuban Revolution Forward Resumen

U.S. expects Russia to submit. Will it? MR Online

Saving the salmon: why the Gitanyow are creating a new Indigenous Protected Area The Narwhal

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