Monday’s news links – April 12, 2021

The scene at the Brooklyn Center police department. Photo: Carlos Gonzalez @CarlosGphoto


Minneapolis: Daunte Wright killing by police near city sparks unrest BBC

“I Ate Too Many Drugs”: Are You Kidding Me?! Language Jones

The Other Reason the Labor Force Is Shrunken: Fear of Covid-19 WSJ

Around 4 million adults aren’t looking for jobs, not because they’re scarce but because of worries about catching the coronavirus

Netflix’s ‘Coded Bias’ Documentary Uncovers Racial Bias in Technology NewsOne

Indigenous Peoples

LaDonna Tamakawastewin Allard, Leader of Standing Rock’s Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Passes On Native News Online

Opposition Wins Elections In Greenland, Casting Doubt On Future Of Rare-Earth Mine NPR


Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced to Sign ‘Biometric Consent’ Form or Lose Job Vice

Western U.S. may be entering its most severe drought in modern history CBS

Venezuela Expresses Regret on the Death of Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark Orinoco Tribune


Iran Demands International Response Against “Nuclear Terrorism” teleSUR

Israel Reportedly Behind Cyberattack That Caused Blackout at Iran Nuclear Facility Daniel Polliti

Iran Accuses Israel of Being Behind Natanz Sabotage Attack Sputnik

Boeing grounds dozens of 737 Max planes after electrical problem Yahoo Finance

FAA Wants Airlines To Inspect Boeing 777s For Rivet Issues Simple Flying

Egypt Will Reportedly Hold the Ever Given Pending Reimbursement for Calamity New York Magazine

China Fines Alibaba Record $2.78Bln Over Anti-Monopoly Violations Sputnik

Why You Should Doubt ‘New Physics’ From The Latest Muon g-2 Results Ethan Siegel

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