Friday’s news links – April 9, 2021

Workers protest announced Kroger store closures amid ‘Hero Pay’ ordinance Fox11 Los Angeles

Some bus drivers got COVID hazard pay, sick time. Others got t-shirts Jefferson Parish, La.

To transform the world, transform public transport

AFT, NEA protest new anti-virus school reopening guidelines People’s World

Gimlet and Ringer unions detail their first historic contracts with Spotify The Verge

Striking AL. Coal Miners Reach Deal – 1,300 Steelworkers Strike in Pittsburgh – DC Teachers’ Union Prez Dies in Car Accident PayDay Report

Exclusive: Roughly 500 ballots challenged in Amazon’s landmark union election Reuters

Baseball Says No to Jim Crow 2.0 Dave Zirin

“Being Asian here is terrifying”: Korean esports player calls out racism in U.S. Axios

School mess: Why millions of parents are owed billions of dollars Politico

Moth-Eaten Eviction Moratorium Leaves Hundreds of Thousands Without a Roof MPN

During the pandemic, landlords have filed for 284,490 evictions – and that’s just in five states and 27 cities. But how could this be? After all, a moratorium shouldn’t allow for hundreds of thousands of households to fall through the cracks.

Video shows Texas GOP official seeking ‘army’ of volunteers to monitor polls in mostly Black and Hispanic Houston precincts Washington Post

The enormous impact of eroded collective bargaining on wages EPI

Median Worker Makes $3,250 Less Per Year Than in 1979 Due to Decline in Unions TruthOut

Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Only Treatment is Freedom: Mumia Abu-Jamal and COVID Johanna Fernández

Indigenous Peoples

B.C. First Nations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada protect crab for Indigenous food, social and ceremonial purposes The Narwhal

EPA just conceded that its 2018 approval of dicamba was politically motivated. But the Biden administration can still change course. The Counter


Pentagon campaign to recruit Vietnam as military ally against China exposed delusions of US war strategy Grayzone


Bolivia Reduced Drug Trafficking By Expelling the U.S. Military: Interview Kawsachun News


US considering sending warships to Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions CNN


Loyalist riots: is the long Good Friday coming to an end?

The guy driving the Suez Canal excavator says he got by on 3 hours of sleep a night and hasn’t been paid his overtime yet Business Insider

Report exposes US war crimes, trips it off high horse accusing others of ‘human rights violations’ Global Times

DIANA JOHNSTONE: The Imperialism of Foolery Consortium News

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