Thursday’s news links – April 8, 2021

Amazon Workers in Chicago Strike Over Ruthless ‘Megacycle’ Shifts Vice

Georgia governor says voters in line can order Uber Eats TheHill

Despite federal moratorium, increasing number of Texas renters face eviction as state protection expires Alternet

NYPD “Goon Squad” Manual Teaches Officers To Violate Protesters’ Rights The Intercept

Felony charges against Denver anti-racist organizers withdrawn Peoples Dispatch

HBO’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’ Bends Genre and Preconceived World History


Iranian vessel attacked in Red Sea as nuclear deal revival talks begin Peoples Dispatch


The Network in Defense of Humanity Rejects the Aggressions by Armed Groups against Venezuela near the Border with Colombia

Peoples of the World, Unite! or How Preparations are Advancing for the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World Orinoco Tribune

Biden, Pentagon, NATO Signal Readiness to Go to War against Russia Over Ukraine Internationalist 360º


NI violence must stop ‘before somebody is killed’ – Coveney RTE

Loyalists planning more protest parades Irish Times

‘Dishonesty’ over Brexit fuelled loyalist anger, says Stormont minister Guardian

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