Wednesday’s news links – April 7, 2021

Dystopia Prime: Amazon Subjects Its Drivers to Biometric Surveillance EFF

Some high-tech surveillance is so dangerous to privacy that companies must never deploy it against a person without their voluntary opt-in consent. It comes as little surprise that Amazon, the company that brought you Ring doorbell cameras and Rekognition face surveillance, has a tenuous understanding of both privacy and consent. Earlier this week, Motherboard revealed the company’s cruel “take it or leave” demand to its 75,000 delivery drivers: submit to biometric surveillance or lose your job.

If It’s Not Jim Crow, What Is It? Jamelle Bouie

Police keep using force against Black citizens in Rochester. And the demands for change keep growing. Washington Post

1,100 Coal Miners Go on Strike in Northern Alabama Payday Report


New COVID variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global ‘maximum suppression’ The Conversation

Los Angeles Families Reluctant to Return Kids to School Capital & Main

U.S. Bet on Covid Vaccine Manufacturer Even as Problems Mounted NYTimes

Satellite photo shows the Iranian cargo ship MV Saviz in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen in October 2020.


Warnings of Attempt to ‘Sabotage’ Diplomacy as Israel Reportedly Attacks Iranian Ship Common Dreams

NYT: Israel Struck Iranian Vessel Saviz in Red Sea, Notified US Sputnik

Iran calls Vienna nuclear talks ‘constructive’, with next round set for Friday SCMP

China-Iran pact more than meets the eye Asia Times


U.S. considering joining boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics, State Department says CNBC

“I will not flinch from…WAR!” Immigrants as a Weapon

Our ruling elite just might be stupid and sociopathic enough to go to war with China.


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