Tuesday’s news links – April 6, 2021

Amazon drivers in Henrietta walk out.

‘I’ll probably get fired’: Amazon drivers in Henrietta walk out to protest working conditions Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Labor board says Amazon illegally fired outspoken workers AP

The Grocery Companies Denied Us Hazard Pay—So We Went Over Their Heads Labor Notes

Black Amazon Employee Sues Former Bosses, Alleges Sexual Harassment, Says One Yanked Her Braids Blavity

Nationwide protest by Amazon workers In Italy Peoples Dispatch

Cargo Ship Bottleneck Off Los Angeles Nears Six-Month Mark Bloomberg

Prices Surge Broadly Across the Massive Service Sector and Companies Are Able to Pass On these Higher Prices Wolf Street

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why? Nick Estes

Indigenous Peoples

How the Saami Indigenous People Fended Off Gates-funded Geoengineering Experiment Counterpunch

The California Klan’s Anti-Asian Crusade The Atlantic


Aberystwyth Kill the Bill protest taps into the history of Welsh resistance Counterfire


Publix Picked As Vaccine Provider After Giving $100,000 To Gov. DeSantis PAC: ‘60 Minutes’ HuffPost

Boeing’s freighter dominance threatened Leeham News and Analysis


Rising tensions ahead of second round elections in Ecuador Peoples Dispatch


Venezuela Receives 13th Shipment of Medical Supplies from China Orinoco Tribune


“Wipe out China!” U.S.-funded Uyghur activists train as gun-toting foot soldiers for empire MR Online

How Le Monde pretended a French reporter didn’t exist

also Le Figaro has collected the testimony of the mysterious “Laurène Beaumond”, the assumed name of a very real Frenchwoman, who collaborates with Chinese state television CGTN, and challenges accusations of “genocide” in Xinjiang.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warns Asean to be alert to external forces interfering in Myanmar South China Morning Post

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