Monday’s news links – April 5, 2021

Amazon Illegally Fired Activist Workers, Labor Board Finds NYTimes

Amazon’s Clashes With Labor: Days of Conflict and Control NYTimes

Amazonification Is the Future of Capitalism Jake Alimahomed-Wilson

The Subminimum Tipped Wage for Restaurant Workers Guarantees On-the-Job Harassment Jacobin

Will U.S. learn from a $1.7 trillion goof that would have paid for Biden’s infrastructure plan? Will Bunch

America’s military-industrial complex squanders $1.7 trillion on a lame fighter jet while the president begs for infrastructure cash.

The Reason Many Guatemalans Are Coming to the Border? A Profound Hunger Crisis. Washington Post

As Biden Ramps Up Detention Capacity, Group Warns Contaminated Military Bases ‘Are No Place’ for Kids Common Dreams

The flow of military equipment to police has accelerated under Biden Stephen Semler, Substack

How Lower-Income Americans Get Cheated on Property Taxes NYTimes


‘What you’re saying is wrong!’: Florida Governor DeSantis angrily denies cutting ‘pay-to-play’ deal with Publix to distribute COVID vaccines after the grocery chain donated $100K to his PAC war chest Daily Mail

‘Imminent’ collapse of Florida reservoir wall will flood Tampa Bay with 20ft wall of polluted water, officials warn: Gov. DeSantis tells residents to evacuate NOW Daily Mail

Dozens dead as torrential rain leads to floods and landslides in Indonesia and Timor-Leste ABC News


How Eurasia Will be Interconnected Pepe Escobar

‘Kill the bill’: More than 100 arrests at London protest Al Jazeera

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