Saturday’s news links – April 3, 2021

Gerald Reed freed after 31 years of wrongful imprisonment People’s World

1,100 Mine Workers in Alabama Are Going on Strike Left Voice

Citing Unfair Labor Practices, 1,300 Steelworkers Strike in Five States In These Times


Fired, interrogated, disciplined: Amazon warehouse organizers allege year of retaliation NBC

Rahm Emanuel Headlines Event For Group Fighting $15 Minimum Wage David Sirota

The former Chicago mayor has argued states should be able to opt out of a $15 minimum wage, and is now being rewarded by the National Restaurant Association.

New York’s Legal Weed Law Could Still Screw Over Black People Vice

The goal is to build a force capable of seizing China’s bases in the South China Sea.


The Marine Corps Is About to Reinvent Itself—Drastically Popular Mechanics

The U.S. Marine Corps is on the verge of its first major reorganization in a century, one that will position America’s premier amphibious force to land on China’s doorstep.


Kremlin warns of escalation if more NATO troops deployed to Ukraine PressTV

Ukraine admits NATO prepares for war over Crimea Pravda

Joe Biden Vows ‘Unwavering Support’ for Ukraine in First Talks WIth Volodymyr Zelensky Sputnik


Labor groups and activists decry continued raids and arrests in Philippines Peoples Dispatch


‘Kill the Bill’ protests continue across UK against Tory police bill Peoples Dispatch

China-Iran pact paves way for alternative to Suez Asia Times

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