Friday’s news links – April 2, 2021

Indigenous Youth Take to DC Streets With Demands to #ShutDownDAPL and #StopLine3

Hidden Horrors in the Georgia Vote Law Greg Palast

Trans kids

Right-Wing State Legislators Make Unprecedented Attack on Trans Kids Intercept

‘Trans kids are not new’: a historian on the long record of youth transitioning in America Guardian

US hunger crisis persists, especially for kids, older adults AP

Some of America’s wealthiest hospital systems ended up even richer, thanks to federal bailouts Washington Post


The vaccine rollout is a boon for the pharmacy business Axios

Last-Minute Trump Rule Would Let Vaccine Makers Hike Prices Unchecked The Intercept

They Pledged to Donate Rights to Their COVID Vaccine, Then Sold Them to Pharma KHN

In a business driven by profit, vaccines have a problem. They’re not very profitable — at least not without government subsidies.

What Nomadland Gets Wrong About Gig Labor New York

What kind of film would Nomadland have been if the real nomads’ [Amazon warehouse workers] perspectives had been front and center?


We will not be silenced: list of #KillTheBill protests around the country this weekend

China Bashing Abroad Leads to Asian Bashing at Home Rachel Hu

Butler University blocks Angela Davis event Electronic Intifada

Student organizers say Israel advocates complained about scholar’s support for Palestinian rights.


Amazon workers in Germany strike for binding collective agreements Peoples Dispatch

Strike Hard, Have Fun, Make History – Amazon general strike in Italy – March 22, 2021

Sacha, A Child of Chernobyl – a Documentary Film by Resumen Latinoamericano

Mapping the World’s Key Maritime Choke Points Visual Capitalist

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