Thursday’s news links – April 1, 2021

Cecil County Black activist Christine Givens demands officer be fired for arrest video Washington Post

500 Migrant Kids Crammed Into Plastic ‘Pods’ Meant for 32 People Daily Beast

Will MLB Celebrate Jackie Robinson While Holding Its All-Star Game In Georgia? Dave Zirin

Indigenous Peoples

Mapuche People File Genocide Lawsuit Against President Piñera teleSUR


Workers in Bessemer Pay Amazon to Have a Facility in Their Town Left Voice


Mix-up at Emergent BioSolutions Baltimore plant ruined COVID vaccine doses; plant not yet OK’d to distribute shots Baltimore Sun

Catching Covid-19 at a Covid-19 Vaccine Production Facility The Intercept

How Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Became the Hot Shot New York Magazine

Re-emergence of infectious diseases associated with the past The Lancet

Britain Holds On to a Colony in Africa, With America’s Help NYTimes


NY Times Provides US Government Propaganda by Manufacturing Quote by Top Chinese Official Common Dreams

Need a Quote From an Official Enemy Denouncing Democracy? Do Like the New York Times and Make It Up FAIR

False Assertions, Misleading Quotes, Fake Sources – How The NYT Writes Anti-China Screeds MoA

Palestine Receives 100 Thousand COVID-19 Vaccines from China Orinoco Tribune

We sampled tap water across the US – and found arsenic, lead and toxic chemicals The Guardian and Consumer Reports

One of World’s Greatest Hidden Fortunes Is Wiped Out in Days Bloomberg

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