Monday’s news links – March 29, 2021

Protest Anti Asian Hate in SF

3-27-21 Protests in over 60 cities in the US denounce the rise of anti Asian hate. Here in San Francisco 3,000 came out. Photos: Bill Hackwell


How Amazon’s Anti-Union Consultants Are Trying to Crush the Labor Movement LAWCHA

What’s at stake in Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, union vote: 5 questions answered The Conversation

Cops Hired by Amazon Are Intimidating Workers and Supporters of the Union Drive

Amazon started a Twitter war because Jeff Bezos was pissed Vox

Red lights and bathroom posters: Amazon’s all-out fight to block a union AFP

Megan Rapinoe: Bills to ban transgender kids from sports try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist

Body Camera Footage Released by Maryland Police Shows Officers Berating 5-Year-Old Boy

Indigenous Peoples

Texas History: What happened to the Native Americans in Texas? Austin American-Statesman

US Military Bases in Latin America: Entrenching the Empire Resumen

‘Kill The Bill’ Riots Threaten to Marr Easter with Chaos Amid Calls for ‘National Weekend of Action’

The rise of capitalism and the productivity of labor Michael Roberts

In my view, there are two great scientific discoveries made by Marx and Engels: the materialist conception of history and the law of value under capitalism; in particular, the existence of surplus value in capitalist accumulation.

Extreme poverty isn’t natural, it’s created Jason Hickel

Over the past few years, this graph has become a sensation. Developed by Our World In Data and promoted widely by Bill Gates and Steven Pinker, the graph gives the impression that virtually all of humanity was in “extreme poverty” as of 1820 (i.e., living on less than $1.90 per day, PPP; less than is required for basic food). OWID has used this figure to claim that extreme poverty was the natural or baseline condition of humanity, extending far back into the past: “in the thousands of years before the beginning of the industrial era, the vast majority of the world population lived in conditions that we would call extreme poverty today.” In other words, virtually all of humanity, for all of history, was destitute until the 19th century, when at last colonialism and capitalism came to the rescue.

There’s only one problem: the graph’s long-term trend is empirically baseless.

Good technical explanation of the Suez Canal accident and issues facing its extraction.

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