Thursday’s news links – March 25, 2021

Protesters At Echo Park Confront LAPD Over Plans To Clear Encampment Of Unhoused Residents LAist

Letter from LA: The homeless are internal refugees — victims on the run from neoliberalism Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon


Amazon workers leading a historic push for unionization in Alabama describe midnight ‘education’ meetings, an unexpected mailbox, and streams of anti-union flyers as they go up against one of the world’s most powerful companies Business Insider

In Amazon union election, votes cast by some ineligible ex-employees could swing outcome Reuters

Younger Amazon Workers in Bessemer, New to Unions, Are Still Undecided Intercept

Dispatch from the Ground: Birmingham Goes All Out for Amazon Union Left Voice

Colectivo Could Soon Become the Largest Unionized Coffee Chain in the U.S. In These Times

Border Patrol holds migrant families for days under a south Texas bridge LA Times

Indigenous Peoples

All Charges Dropped Against Mt. Rushmore Protesters Except NDN Collective’s Nick Tilsen Who Must Fulfill Diversion Program Native News Online

Three more Indigenous deaths in Australian police custody People’s World

Many NYers Who Need Stimulus Checks The Most Face High Fees Just To Cash Them Gothamist

Taxpayers Fund Research and Drug Companies Make a Fortune NYTimes

The answer to anti-Asian racism is not more policing Prism

Trump’s first tweet using phrase ‘Chinese virus’ caused increasing anti-Asian hashtags on Twitter: study ECNS

China issues report on U.S. human rights violations Xinhua


U.S. Flies Spy Plane Closest It Ever Has To China’s Airspace

Chinese FM Spokeswoman Roasts Western Human Rights ‘Judges’ Amid Sanctions, Souring Diplomatic Ties Sputnik

The spokeswoman also slammed nations claiming to be “judges” of human rights as having “an ignoble record of human rights”, adding they were not in a position to criticize China or shift blame for past violations. Hua cited the 400-year Transatlantic slave trade to the Americas, which shipped 12m African slaves and killed 10m during transport. She added: “In the US, people like George Floyd still can’t breathe,” she said, adding the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination found that African descendants in the US and UK faced “systematic” racism.

 Netizens Hail Chinese Envoy’s France Pushback Sputnik

H&M Faces Criticism [& Boycott] Call in China Over Xinjiang Cotton Controversy Sputnik


Haiti deportations soar as Biden administration deploys Trump-era health order Guardian

Ukraine Prepares For Attack On Crimea

Suez Canal remains blocked despite efforts to refloat grounded Ever Given Lloyd’s List

Don’t Buy Exxon’s Fable Of The Drunken Captain Greg Palast

Today, March 24, the 32nd Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez disaster will be commemorated with the re-telling of lies. The official story is, “Drunken Skipper Hits Reef.” Don’t believe it.


AstraZeneca’s US Vaccine Trial Data Derek Lowe

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