Thursday’s news links – March 18, 2021

Georgia Sheriff Spokesman Posted Racist COVID Shirts on Facebook Daily Beast

Jay Baker incited outrage on Wednesday when he said the 21-year-old who admitted to murdering eight people at Asian massage parlors was having “a really bad day.”

This Report Shows the Extent of Anti-Asian Violence, No Matter What Police Say Teen Vogue

Recent Rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Doesn’t Mean Anti-Asian Racism Is New Teen Vogue

It is rooted in a long history of racism and U.S. policy.

Christian leaders wrestle with Atlanta shooting suspect’s Southern Baptist ties Washington Post

Viral Video Of Retired LAPD Cop Hurling The N-Word Shows Exactly Why Black Folk Don’t Trust The Police NewsOne

How Milwaukee Police Monitor Cell Phones Urban Milwaukee


The Alabama Workers Trying to Unionize an Amazon Fulfillment Center The New Yorker

The Teamsters Hint at a Combative National Project to Organize Amazon In These Times

Columbia University forces TAs, RAs to strike, again

CWA members rally against closures of union stores and outsourcing union jobs

We Need Buses, Buses Everywhere Farhad Manjoo

Better service would improve millions of Americans’ lives.


COVID-19 has closed a Philly school that just reopened for in-person learning Inquirer

Tesla reportedly had 450 cases of coronavirus at its California plant after reopening last May The Verge

Medicare for All Would Have Prevented Hundreds of Thousands of Covid Deaths: New Report Common Dreams

LSU administrator accused of handing abusers light punishments Daily Mail

Alexander Reid Ross, disgraced author of several retracted articles, works with ex-cops, CIA spies, and DHS agents Grayzone


Western hype about Xinjiang an unprovoked attack on China: African ambassadors Xinhua

US sanctions 24 China and Hong Kong officials ahead of talks AP

US Notifies China It Will Enforce Trump-Era Sanctions On Iran Oil Shipments

Interview with Li Jingjing on China’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic Carlos Martinez

Invent the Future editor Carlos Martinez interviews Li Jingjing, a Chinese journalist who covered the Covid outbreak in Wuhan for CGTN, about China’s coronavirus containment efforts. We discuss the current situation in China, the measures that have been taken to eliminate the virus, the broad mobilisation throughout China to help the people of Wuhan, the need for international cooperation to defeat the pandemic at a global scale, and more.

WSJ Rage at ‘Woke’ China Foreshadows New Redbaiting of Social Justice Activists FAIR

Anti-Chinese Propaganda Reaches All-Time High NEO

Top US Commander Warns ‘Front Line’ With China Now South of Border VOA


Russia recalls its ambassador to the US after Biden says he thinks Putin is a killer USA Today

France grossly underestimated radioactive fallout from atom bomb tests, study finds Science

Paris Commune 150: the economics Michael Roberts

Napoleon Isn’t a Hero to Celebrate NYTimes

Institutions in France should pay more attention to their country’s history of slavery instead of honoring an icon of white supremacy.

Why can’t Britain handle the truth about Winston Churchill? Guardian

Mention his views on race or his colonial policies, and you’ll be instantly drowned in ferocious and orchestrated vitriol.

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