Tuesday’s news links – March 16, 2021

Black Families Have a Major Stake in the Future of the Postal Service Inequality.org

New York City Has a Jail Problem Current Affairs

“Thinking you can reform incarceration by building four new jails in each borough is like thinking you can humanize slavery by breaking up a large plantation in Mississippi into four smaller plantations in Georgia, the Carolinas, and West Virginia.”

‘She Wants Well-Qualified People’: 88 Landlords Accused of Housing Bias NYTimes

New Haven Bus Drivers Stage Sickout to Demand Vaccines

Chase Strangio on Countering Attacks on Trans Athletes Dave Zirin

Wisconsin’s retired Teamsters spent 7 years fighting for their pensions. This week, they’re ‘ecstatic.’ Green Bay Press Gazette


1 in 5 in US lost someone close in pandemic AP

Death in the prime of life: Covid-19 proves especially lethal to younger Latinos Washington Post

How the West Lost COVID NY Magizine

On February 11, a month before Ryan’s press conference, Anthony Fauci, Nancy Messonnier, and Ron Klain had taken the stage at an Aspen Institute panel on the novel coronavirus led by the superstar infectious-disease journalist Helen Branswell. Several times, Fauci repeated that he believed the virus was low-risk — later clarifying that it was important to communicate to the public that it was low-risk, in part to protect his own credibility and the credibility of the public-health Establishment. “To this day I do not understand why,” Branswell recently wrote. A few days after the panel, Fauci described the risk of the coronavirus to Americans as “minuscule.”

This was a time when the U.S. public-health infrastructure assuming (or even pretending to assume) a war footing might have made a meaningful difference. But at every opportunity, Fauci was counseling the opposite — calm in the face of the storm. On February 15, he told an interviewer that the flu was a bigger threat to Americans. For another month, he was still advising against masks. It wasn’t just Fauci (whom the upstart leftist magazine The Drift recently mocked as “Dr. Do-Little” in what likely won’t be the last reconsideration of the sainted physician). New York governor Andrew Cuomo, a cable-news hero in the spring, has already come in for reconsideration, and in his self-aggrandizing pandemic memoir, he is unintentionally revealing. “Most of all, I was concerned about public panic,” Cuomo writes, reflecting on the need to “socialize the notion of a shutdown,” ideally slowly, rather than simply imposing it. “Panic is the real enemy,” he adds. The coronavirus may not prove Cuomo’s ultimate political undoing, but his formulation may nevertheless provide the most fitting epitaph for the entire western response: that disruption was scarier and less tolerable than the disease.

How the Senate filibuster was created to protect slavery NYTimes

The History of Policing in the United States Is About Controlling Black Lives Teen Vogue

“Police departments are descendants of U.S. chattel slavery.”

Army initially pushed to deny District’s request for National Guard before Jan. 6 Washington Post


North Korea warns new U.S. administration if it wants peace it must avoid ‘causing a stink’: KCNA Reuters

Guam’s Militarization by the U.S. Is Also a Story of Indigenous Resistance Teen Vogue


Biden continues the US conflict with China through the Quad Peoples Dispatch

In China, millennials embrace Spanish, Latino culture and shake it up on TikTok NBC

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