Monday’s news links – March 15, 2021

‘Disturbing’: Rich Nations Vaccinating Person Per Second While Blocking Effort to Share Recipe With Poor Countries Common Dreams

“There is no reason we have to prioritize the profits of pharmaceutical companies over the dignity of people in other countries,” said U.S. Rep. Ro Khanna.

Capitalist Economies Overproduce Food — But People Can’t Afford to Buy It Truthout

Many Postal Service Workers Don’t Have Vaccine Access NYTimes

NYC Lost a Record 631,000 Jobs to the Pandemic in 2020. So What’s Next? The City

MTA officials: Ironworker electrocuted while working on Third Track project News12

6 Questions Officials Still Haven’t Answered After Weeks of Hearings on the Capitol Attack ProPublica

Why did national security officials respond differently to Black Lives Matter protesters than to Trump supporters?


Zim-Cuba to build pharmaceutical plant Sunday Mail


Ukraine seeks to justify its future offensive against the Donbass with a bogus “peace plan” and ultimatum Donbas Insider

Ukrainian senior academic proposes renaming city of Uman after Nazi collaborator Times of Israel


US Expands War on Chinese Tech Sector, Labels Five Firms ‘Threat to National Security’ Sputnik

Worst sandstorm in a decade hits Beijing, huge parts of northern China SCMP


US Reportedly Sneaks 45-Truck Convoy of Military Vehicles and Oil Tankers Into Syria Sputnik

5 former OPCW officials join prominent voices to call out Syria cover-up Aaron Maté

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