Friday’s news links – March 12, 2021

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon’s overworked delivery drivers Guardian

College Athletes Demand NCAA Pull Championships From States With Anti-Trans Sports Legislation Sports Illustrated

Indigenous Peoples

Montana trans, two spirit and non-binary activists fight anti-trans legislation High Country News

NYPD’s Enforcement Of Marijuana Laws Still Plagued By Extreme Racial Disparities Gothamist

Joe Biden and the Democrats Are Your Ruling Class, Not Your Friends Teen Vogue

The United States of Oligarchy Marianne Williamson, Newsweek


Covid at 1 Year and Counting: The American Book of the Dead Mike Davis

Special Report: Insider alleges Eli Lilly blocked her efforts to sound alarms about U.S. drug factory Reuters

U.S. unemployment system fell short in early days of the pandemic. It could buckle again CNBC

Transit Workers Union Calls On MTA To Reverse Service Cuts On C, F Lines Gothamist


Israeli Strikes Target Iranian Oil Bound for Syria WSJ

Paraguay: In the Midst of a Political Crisis, Social Unrest, and a Health Catastrophe Resumen


John Pilger and Oliver Stone sign letter calling for Britain to reverse ban on Chinese TV channel

Stand in solidarity with Ken Loach MR Online

A CNN investigation finds the U.S.-backed Saudi blockade is leading to deadly fuel & food shortages in Yemen, where hospitals are full of starving children CNN

In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA LATimes

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