Thursday’s news links – March 11, 2021

March demands justice for George Floyd in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Justice for George Floyd rally in Michigan, police arrest protest leaders FightBack! News

Wisconsin protest shootings trial delayed at least 7 months AP

The Rise In Anti-Asian Attacks During The COVID-19 Pandemic NPR

New $1,400 stimulus checks could be garnished for unpaid debts. Some are calling for that to change CNBC


L.A.’s Disorganized Vaccination Rollout and the Dream of Universal Health Care New Yorker


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gave Bond Deals To His Wall Street Donors, Despite Federal Rules IBT

Cuomo aide accuses governor of reaching under blouse and ‘aggressively’ groping’ her: report NY Daily News

Who Ordered a Smear Campaign Against Andrew Cuomo’s First Accuser? New Yorker


‘Bloody Sunday’: Left Activists, Labor Leaders Executed in Philippines After Duterte Says ‘Finish Off’ the Communists Common Dreams


UN Rebuke of US Sanctions on Venezuela Met With Stunning Silence FAIR


EU official’s accusation of China aims to cover own vaccination failure: experts Global Times

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