Wednesday’s news links – March 10, 2021

Amazon and the Breaking of Baltimore NYTimes

Over 700 Complaints About NYPD Officers Abusing Black Lives Matter Protesters, Then Silence ProPublica

NYPD Must Pay Price as Hundreds of Protesters Sue Over Crackdown, Comptroller Says The City


Mexico City’s metal barrier becomes memorial for thousands of victims of femicide

Women’s Day Reporting Diverges in U.S. and Mexico  Counterpunch


Ana Belén Resumen

Ana Belén Montes celebrated her 64th birthday last Sunday in one of the wards of hell, a place where “the worst thing is to be locked up with oneself”, as Nelson Mandela wrote in his biography, knowing what he was saying after 27 years of confinement. A US citizen, and the daughter of Puerto Ricans, she has been incarcerated since 2001 in the Federal Medical Center (FMC) prison in Fort Worth, Texas


Revealed: The UK supported the coup in Bolivia to gain access to its ‘white gold’ Daily Maverick

France has underestimated impact of nuclear tests in French Polynesia, research finds Guardian

Intensive Fishing and the Birth of Capitalism, Part 1

Intensive Fishing and the Birth of Capitalism, Part 2

Should we all wear sensors to avoid being run over by driverless cars? New Scientist

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