Tuesday’s news links – March 9, 2021

This Fertilizer King Funneled Cuomo $1 Million—and Got a New York Health-Care Empire Daily Beast

He’s an international man of mystery—a reclusive billionaire who once bought a lower Manhattan skyscraper in cash. And, thanks in part to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration, he was left in charge of the health and well-being of thousands of poor and elderly New Yorkers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After DSA Slate Won Every Seat Intercept

MTA covers-up track defects; blames workers NY Daily News

Michigan drops out of top-10 unionized states

Steelworkers Authorize Strike At Local Allegheny Technologies Plants

Google advised mental health care when workers complained about racism and sexism NBC


6 Feet Isn’t Enough. Workers Need More Ventilation. Politico

Why Fewer Black Americans Are Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine (*No, It’s Not Hesitancy) FiveThirtyEight

A recent NPR analysis found that vaccine hubs, particularly ones in Louisiana, Texas and Alabama, were largely missing from predominantly Black and Hispanic communities, while few whiter neighborhoods were without one. And in a national study conducted in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, Dickson found that Black Americans in nearly two dozen urban counties in and around Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas, among a host of other cities, faced longer driving distances to vaccine centers than white Americans.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID The Atlantic


Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, driving up Iranian inequality in sadistic sanctions manual Grayzone

No Negotiation will Take Place Between Iran, US Before all Sanctions Removed: Source Tells Press TV Orinoco Tribune


Mass Protests in Paraguay Demand the Resignation of President Mario Abdo Benítez Orinoco Tribune

Paraguay Ministers Resign as Calls Grow for President’s Ouster

Paraguay: One Citizen Dead and 20 Injured Amid Protests teleSUR


Lula Acquitted Resumen


Biden grants Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans, plans new sanctions on Maduro McClatchy

People try to take down the fences placed outside the National Palace during a protest on International Women’s Day, in Mexico City, Mexico, March 8, 2021.


Women’s march in Mexico turns violent as protesters clash with police


Google Props Up Modi’s Corporate Takeover of Agriculture With Big Investments Truthout

India’s new farming laws driven by WTO demands Eco-business

Remote C.I.A. Base in the Sahara Steadily Grows NYTimes

Is Japan Declaring a Territorial Blitzkrieg? NEO

The Universe Has Never Truly Been Empty Ethan Siegel

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