Thursday’s news links – March 4, 2021

Amazon union organizing

‘Everyone in the Community Is Cheering Us On’ Steven Greenhouse

An interview with Josh Brewer, lead union organizer at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse

Amazon Workers’ Union Drive Reaches Far Beyond Alabama NYTimes

Amazon Organizing Spreads To Iowa As Teamsters Make Union Push There For Better Wages And Conditions Labor411

Amazon Worker Who Suddenly Died After Working in COVID Testing Area Complained About Unsafe Conditions Status Coup

Glitch workers sign tech’s first collective bargaining agreement The Verge

Kelly Loeffler Just Lost Her WNBA Team to a Player She Refused to Meet Dave Zirin

“It’s The Cuomo Way”: Former Staffers Describe Toxic Workplace Under Governor’s Relentless Thumb Gothamist

30 Years After Rodney King, LAPD Still Corrupt and Violent and Brutal Common Dreams


Facing Ever-Larger Demonstrations, De Facto President Jovenel Moïse Tries to Hang On to Power Haïti Liberté

Haiti: Black Despots and White Rulers Resumen

Carrie Chesnik of Oneida Nation holds a “Protect Water” sign as part of the march to observe the 30th anniversary of the 1991 spill into the Prairie River and was charged with public nuisance and obstructing a roadway on March 3, 2021. Photo: Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today

Indigenous Peoples

Clash at historic Minnesota pipeline spill leads to charges Indian Country Today

Indigenous Land Defender Gets Jail Time After Performing Ceremony Near Trans Mountain Site Vice


Gasoline Heads Toward $3 in U.S. For First Time in Six Years Bloomberg

Senator Ossoff Drops a Bombshell: “The 12 or 13 Largest Banks” Got the Trillions from the Fed’s Repo Loans Last Year Wall Street on Parade

The new, 34-year old Democratic Senator from Georgia, Jon Ossoff, let a very big cat out of the bag at yesterday’s Senate Banking hearing. For at least a year, from September 17, 2019 through at least September 30, 2020, the New York Fed, acting as an agent for the Federal Reserve, doled out a cumulative $9 trillion or more in repo loans.

Millions of U.S. households would not get COVID-19 payments under new Biden plan Reuters

Moderate Democrats Strip Stimulus Checks From 12 Million Voters for No Reason New York Magazine

More Americans are dying “in the prime of their lives,” new report finds CNN

Perfect cybersecurity is a pipe dream Axios

As cremation becomes more common, the funeral industry and USPS adapt Washington Post

Trump coup

US militia group draws members from military and police, website leak shows Guardian

D.C. Guard chief says ‘unusual’ restrictions slowed deployment of backup during Capitol riot Washington Post

Maj. Gen. William J. Walker said he didn’t receive approval to change the D.C. Guard’s mission and send his forces to the Capitol until three hours and 19 minutes after he first received an emotional call Jan. 6 from Capitol Police chief requesting urgent backup.

Electricity vs. Broadband: Does History Repeat Itself? Counterpunch


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