Wednesday’s news links – March 3, 2021

Amazon Employees Told To Keep Working For Hours After Worker’s Body Found In Warehouse From Suicide Labor411

‘It’s Like Nobody Cares’: After Two Weeks Without Running Water, Jackson, Miss. Pleads for Help Common Dreams

Killings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests Scientific American

Plane loaded with 300 tons of humanitarian aid sent from the People’s Republic of China landed in Venezuela.


Venezuela Receives 500,000 Doses of China’s Sinopharm Vaccine

Arab Americans, deemed ‘white’ in government records, suffer an unseen COVID-19 crisis USA Today

New evidence shows coronavirus can infect and kill heart muscle cells New Atlas


‘The System Worked as Designed in Texas; That’s the Really Scary Thing’ FAIR

Jan. 6 coup attempt

Antifa Didn’t Storm The Capitol. Just Ask The Rioters. NPR

This Is the Other Shoe Dropping From When John Roberts Gutted the Voting Rights Act Charles Pierce, Esquire

Newly Obtained FBI Files Shed New Light on the Murder of Fred Hampton Jacobin

Hertz, the Original Meme Stock, Is Turning Out to Be Worthless Bloomberg

Movie Theater Business Isn’t Going Back to Normal: Disney CEO

Department of Pre-Crime: Left-Wing Protester Arrested by FBI for Being on a “Path to Radicalization”

Christopher Wray Said The FBI Is Not ‘Systemically Racist.’ History Shows That’s A Lie NewsOne

Our grasslands have been poisoned by intensive farming Aeon

Macron admits French forces ‘tortured and murdered’ Algerian freedom fighter France24

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