Wednesday’s news links – Feb. 24, 2021

Danny Glover at Amazon.

Actor Danny Glover comes to Bessemer to show support for Amazon union push

‘We deserve more’: an Amazon warehouse’s high-stakes union drive Guardian

Workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are pushing for a union – and experts say if they triumph, it could pave the way to organizing fulfillment centers in other states

Pro-Trump Florida doctor charged with hate crime in alleged attack on Hispanic man on Inauguration Day: ‘This is my America’ Washington Post

Baton Rouge police launch investigation after video shows a white cop with his arm around a black 13-year-old’s neck as the boy is arrested for battery of an officer

U.S. is worst among developed nations for worker benefits CNBC

Texas Companies Are Forcing Employees to Use Vacation Time for Winter Storm Truthout

Trump campaign paid millions to Jan. 6 Capitol riot


Vaccines Are Not Reaching Hardest Hit Los Angeles Communities Capital & Main

For children, the COVID surge isn’t over Axios

We’re Just Rediscovering a 19th-Century Pandemic Strategy The Atlantic

Schools may see a burst of the common cold when they reopen, research suggests STAT

Medical racism has shaped U.S. policies for centuries MR Online

How Wall Street Killed Grandma Julia Rock and David Sirota

20,000 nursing home residents died from 2004 to 2016 because they lived in nursing homes run by private equity firms, according to updated data.

Cemeteries destruction – Stop Destroying African American Cemeteries

Inside ‘Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust for Blood’ Labor Press

A riveting new book titled Long Island Migrant Labor Camps: Dust for Blood will be released on March 22, 2021. LaborPress sat down for a Q & A with its author Mark Torres.


The frontier imposed on Cuba for more than a century, on its own soil Granma

Former Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to launch investment fund, seeking backing of Persian Gulf nations Washington Post


Woman awarded $7,700 for five years of housework in China divorce ruling Guardian

Why Was SolarWinds So Vulnerable to a Hack? NYTimes

Like all for-profit corporations, SolarWinds aims to increase shareholder value by minimizing costs and maximizing profit. The company is owned in large part by Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo, private-equity firms known for extreme cost-cutting. SolarWinds certainly seems to have underspent on security.

Ultra-processed foods and the corporate capture of nutrition The BMJ

Ultra-processed foods and beverages can be defined as products with additives and industrially processed ingredients that have been technologically broken down and modified. They are not merely processed foods with high levels of sugar, salt, and fat but also contain ingredients and additives not commonly used in home kitchens and artisanal restaurants, such as synthetic flavours, emulsifiers, hydrogenated oils, and soy protein isolates. The role of these ingredients is often to simulate the taste, texture, or nutritional profile of minimally processed foods.

Ultra-processed products now account for nearly half of the average dietary intake of some high income countries, with consumption rising rapidly in most other countries. Studies conducted within several countries have found that higher intake of these products is associated with the increased incidence of obesity and some chronic diseases. In low and middle income countries, these products may also be contributing to multiple forms of malnutrition.

A Radical Proposal for True Democracy Ezra Klein [ignores the 800 pound capitalist gorilla, while acknowledging that the U.S. system blocks democracy]

Watch: Harvard Astronomer Mansplains SETI To The Legend Who Inspired Carl Sagan’s Contact

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