Monday’s news links – Feb. 22, 2021

Deathbed Letter From Former Cop Claims NYPD, FBI Helped Kill Malcolm X HuffPost

Malcolm’s daughter demands investigation be reopened BBC

How An NYPD Anti-Terror Squad Became A Tool For Cracking Down On Protests Gothamist


Texas Blackouts Point to Coast-to-Coast Crises Waiting to Happen NYTimes

Continent-spanning storms triggered blackouts in Oklahoma and Mississippi, halted one-third of U.S. oil production and disrupted vaccinations in 20 states.

Texas: How the Bush Family turned off the lights Greg Palast

Texas freeze led to release of tons of air pollutants as refineries shut Reuters

Texas shows need for infrastructure spending has ‘never been greater’: Engineering CEO Yahoo Finance

ICE Flights in Biden’s First Month Decolonial Atlas

“Mark Changed The Rules”: How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures Buzzfeed


Multimillion-Dollar ‘Union Avoidance’ Industry Faces New Scrutiny Progressive

Black Families Have a Major Stake in the Future of the Postal Service

Stevie Wonder Announces Plans To Relocate To Ghana Amid Ongoing Social And Racial Unrest In America Blavity

Boeing Calls for Global Grounding of 777s Equipped With One Engine Model NYTimes


Biden Faces Dilemma Over Nord Stream 2, German Media Says Sputnik

How Detroit architect Albert Kahn helped the Soviet Union industrialize Curbed Detroit

What the article doesn’t mention is that the tractor factory that Kahn & Co. designed became a center of much of the fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad.

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