Sunday’s news links – Feb. 21, 2021


Amazon’s Great Labor Awakening NYTimes

Covid-19 has cemented the e-commerce giant’s hold on the economy — but it has also spurred employees all around the country to organize.

Bethlehem Steel beginnings in Sparrows Point, now Amazon worksite


Southern cities hit hard by storms face new crisis: No water AP

Ted Cruz Went to Cancun. This Rapper Gave Out Free Water to Houston.

His Lights Stayed on During Texas’ Storm. Now He Owes $16,752. NYTimes

Unprepared for COVID, Texas Women’s Prison Was Equally Unprepared for Uri Truthout

An 11-year-old boy died in an unheated Texas mobile home. Authorities suspect hypothermia. Washington Post

Newly Released Video Shows Altercation Between California Deputies and Fatally Shot Homeless Black Man Stopped for Jaywalking The Root

Why Is Kroger Closing Stores Instead of Paying Hazard Wages for Its Employees? Vice


Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal Vindicates His Critics in the Press FAIR

Government memo crushes Cuomo’s defense in COVID nursing home scandal NY Post

The Sound and the Fury of Andrew Cuomo New Yorker


UN expert details crushing human toll of US sanctions on Venezuela Grayzone

Did an Iranian Tanker Arrive in Venezuela Loaded with Gasoline? Orinoco Tribune

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