Saturday’s news links – Feb. 20, 2021

Malcolm X

New Evidence Regarding Malcolm X’s Assassination Names NYPD, FBI As Co-Conspirators NewsOne


Texas inmates stuck with clogged toilets, freezing cells, advocates say: ‘So cold that their bodies are numb’ Houston Chronicle

Texas water crisis: 13 million lack drinking water Axios

Texas Is Facing a Food Supply Nightmare in Wake of Blackouts Bloomberg

CFO at Jerry Jones’ gas company on rising prices due to Texas freeze: ‘Like hitting the jackpot’

Many Texans have died because of the winter storm. Just how many won’t be known for weeks or months. Texas Tribune

Southern cities hit hard by storms face new crisis: No water AP

Google fires Margaret Mitchell, another top researcher on its AI ethics team Guardian

The dismissal comes after prominent Black researcher Timnit Gebru was fired in December; both had called for more diversity among research staff

Pandemic economy

Reopening Schools in the Pandemic Reveals a Class Divide Capital & Main

Kroger To Close Seattle Stores To Avoid Law Requiring Hazard Pay For Employees Labor411

How One Employer Stuck a New Mom With an $898,984 Bill for Her Premature Baby ProPublica

Dignity Health said its employee, an ER nurse, failed to meet the deadline to add her premature newborn to its health plan, so she was responsible for the medical bills.

Biden questions why Yale or Harvard graduates should get loans forgiven. But few borrowers attend elite schools CNBC

Just 0.3% of federal student borrowers attended Ivy League colleges

As U.S. pork plant speeds up slaughtering, workers report more injuries Reuters

Cantor CEO Lutnick Likens Tesla, Bitcoin Surges to GameStop Saga Bloomberg

The F-35’s Engine Is a Bit Busted Right Now Popular Mechanics


The Gig Economy Is Coming for Millions of American Jobs Bloomberg

California’s vote to classify Uber and Lyft drivers as contractors has emboldened other employers to eliminate salaried positions—and has become a cornerstone of bigger plans to “Uberize” the U.S. workforce.

Share of U.S. workers holding multiple jobs is rising, new Census report shows Reuters

US jobless claims rise to 861,000 as layoffs stay high AP

Joe Ligon was locked up at age 15. Almost seven decades later, he’s reentering an unfamiliar world. Washington Post

US President Biden says no to ‘defunding the police’ Al Jazeera

United States President Joe Biden said that instead of defunding the police, a main demand of the protest movement that erupted last year following the death of a Black man in police custody, he would put more money into local policing.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent $281.5 million in federal COVID-19 relief money on police payroll Chicago Tribune


African Union says Russia offers 300 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine Reuters

Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID? Slate

Getting a Covid shot at a time of health care corruption Lucy Komisar

How a Trinidadian Communist Invented London’s Biggest Party NYTimes

Offline: The Paris Commune and the birth of American medicine Lancet

Trump Hotel Employees Reveal What It Was Really Like Catering to the Right Wing Elite Washingtonian

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